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Ring Around the  … Collar ~Learn to Sew a Collar to Showcase Dolly~

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As you piece your patterns for doll clothes together, consider the neckline. Here you have free reign to be creative!  Dolls have shorter necks so when sewing a collar on a blouse or dress, it becomes the focal point. Here is the perfect place for embellishments!

Here are a few tips when sewing a collar for your dolly:

  • Collars always look best when laid flat rather than having a roll, as conventional ones do. Since dolly’s neck is short and round, the patterns for doll clothes are adjusted accordingly.
  • Collars are very small and sometimes difficult to sew. Larger collars, like a square collar, are nice on dolly and much easier than the Peter Pan type.
  • To ensure it lays flat and pucker free, be sure to clip and notch extremely well before turning the collar.
  • There is no need for interfacing unless your fabric is extremely soft. However, using paper under the stitching will stabilize the fabric as you stitch. Pull the paper off the underneath side when you finish stitching.
  • Often times it is easier to add lace to the underside of the finished collar, by hand or topstitching in place, rather than sewing it onto the tiny curved edges.
  • If your neckline doesn’t have a collar, trim it with 1/4” lace or other trim either sewn into the seam to stand up or applied to the neck area after the seams are sewn so the lace or trim lays flat.
  • Piping creates a clean finished look when sewn into the collar seam, but plain necklines are just as lovely.

Sailor dress, square front collarI only use front collars on dresses because of the dolly’s shorter necks. When doing this, the neckline and shoulder seam lines are cut the same as the bodice. This assures that the collar lays flat. I embellish the collar first and then sew it into the shoulder seams. Finally, sew the collar into the neckline seam.

If you choose to use a back collar, make sure both sides of the collar meet in the center without overlapping, even if your closure overlaps. To fancy up your collar, add lace, buttons, appliques, ribbons, bows, fancy machine stitches, embroidery, or different colors. Let your imagination run wild!

dress with collarsSpeaking of imagination… what about making one outfit to accommodate SIX different detachable collars! Try these collars:

…A Rounded V;  Square – front and/or back;  Squared V (cut down from the neck);   Upside Down Hershey Kiss;  a Rounded Deep V;  and a Standard Round (not shown).

Each one will give your dolly a different style. One dress, 6 collars; what a wonderful gift for Dolly!

With these tips and tricks, you will find that creatively sewing a collar on these patterns for doll clothes will enhance your neckline finishes by adding unique touches to your doll clothing patterns. Dolly’s collars will become the focal point of the garment and draw attention to her face, her beautiful smile, and the light in her eyes.

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