Dolly’s Pilgrim Apron

This is the third and final project to complete Dolly’s pilgrim outfit for this Thanksgiving.  Be sure to check the two prior posts if you missed the pilgrim bonnet and collar.  Traditionally, these items would be worn over a black dress or blouse and black skirt.  If you’re interested, dress, blouse and skirt patterns can be found in our book, “Dolly’s Dresses”.   You may also wear these accessories over any plain colored dress, skirt and blouse or slacks.

Dolly is all set for the Harvest Celebration!

~18″ Doll Pilgrim Apron~


  • 1/4 yard of white cotton fabric
  • 7/8 yard of 1/2” satin or grosgrain ribbon


  • 1 rectangular piece of fabric, 21” wide and 9” long.


  • Serge, or zig-zag stitch all four edges.
  • Turn the short, 9″ outer edges under 1/4” and stitch in place.
  • Turn the top and bottom edges under 3/4” and stitch over the serging edge.  The bottom edge is the hemline.  The top edge becomes the casing to lace the ribbon through.
  • Insert the ribbon through the casing.
  • Tie in back, and adjust the gathers.


*This pattern is not full size.  You will cut the rectangle out 9″ wide and 21 inches long.  The pattern and the directions give you all the other dimensions you need.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration!!!


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