Dolly’s Pilgrim Bonnet

Thanksgiving will be here soon, and I’m sure you’ll want your Dolly to be dressed for the event!  This year, why not dress her up in Pilgrim attire?  I’ll be putting together 3 articles with directions and patterns for Dolly’s bonnet, collar and apron.  These patterns are very simple…they are mostly adhering and cutting, with very little sewing involved.


~18″ Doll Pilgrim Bonnet~


  • 1/4 yard white cotton fabric
  • 1/4 yard Heat’n’Bond Lite
  • 1/2 yard 1/4” wide white satin ribbon


  • 2 pieces of fabric in a rectangle,  9” X 6”
  • 1 piece of Heat’n’Bond Lite, 9” X 6”
  • 2 pieces of ribbon, each 9” long


  • Following the directions on your Heat’n’Bond, adhere the two fabric pieces together.
  • Cut 2 slits 13/4” long, 2 3/4” in from the outer edges of fabric (see pattern).
  • Fold the ends of sections A and C towards each other, overlapping them 1/2”.  Hand stitch the length to hold them in place.
  • Fold section B over the top of the joined A and C piece.  Stitch edge to the bottom edge of the joined piece.  This completes the back of the bonnet.
  • Attach using a zig-zag stitch, the ribbon on the brim.  See pattern for placement.
  • The fold for the brim is 1 1/2” in on the lengthwise edge.  Fold brim back.
  • Bonnet is complete.  Put it on, and tie the ribbon under her chin.


* This pattern may not print off at the correct size.  The actual outer dimensions should be cut 6″ X 9″.   All other dimensions are marked on the pattern and written into the directions.


You can download by highlighting the directions and pattern, right click, copy and then paste it into your word processing program.

I hope you enjoyed making up this bonnet.  Check back next month for the 18″ Doll Pilgrim Collar Pattern.

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