Dolly’s Pilgrim Collar

This is the second pattern you will need to complete Dolly’s Thanksgiving outfit. Be sure to check the last post for making the bonnet, and next month you will receive instructions for making the apron.

~18″ Doll Pilgrim Collar~


  • 1/8 yard white cotton fabric
  • 1/8 yard Heat’n’Bond Lite
  • 1/3 yard 1/4” wise white satin ribbon


  • 2 pieces of fabric in a rectangle, 3 1/2” X 6”
  • 1 piece of Heat’n’Bond Lite, 3 1/2” X 6”
  • 2 pieces of ribbon, each 6” long


  • Following the directions on your Heat’n’Bond, adhere the two main fabric pieces together.
  • Cut a 1 7/8” circle from the exact middle of the rectangle for the neck opening.
  • Draw a line down the exact center front with a washout marking pen.
  • Make a mark 3/8” on each side of center front on the lower end of collar.  Draw a line from this mark to the neckline center front, on both sides of center front.
  • Cut out both lines.
  • Attach using a zig-zag stitch, a ribbon on both sides at the neckline.


***  This pattern may not print off the correct size.

The outer rectangle size is 3 1/2″ by 6″.  All other cuts and dimensions

are given on the pattern and in the directions.


You may right click the directions and pattern, and use your copy/paste to put it onto your computer to print off.  Be sure to print at 100% for accurate sizingEnjoy!

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