Dolly’s Favorite Quilts

Fun and Easy Quilt Patterns for You and Dolly

5 Doll Quilts using differing fabrics and techniques, range  from easy to challenging in difficulty.

Nice variety of sizes and techniques

From the simplest snuggle quilt to the more challenging heirloom quilt, these easy doll quilt patterns will give you a chance to work with a variety of fabrics including cottons, light weight denim, and batiste.  Learn basic machine quilting, piecing, and binding techniques. All our doll clothing patterns compliment each of these easy quilt patterns. Match fabrics and have fun with all the variations in colors and style.

Starting with the most basic quilt and working up to the more difficult, each one presents something new in techniques… piecing, raggedy edges, quilt fuse, heirloom stitches, and applique.  This is a wonderful opportunity for beginners to learn each technique on a small scale.

Very easy and cuddly.

Dolly’s Snuggle Quilt

~ Easy to Make ~

This is the perfect first quilt for you or your child.  Small size and a simple design allow it to be completed in a short amount of time.  Use a simple design with a large print panel in the center and simple borders.  There is no binding to be done, simply sew seams and then turn inside out like a pillow case.  Polyester batting makes machine quilting easy with straight stitches on the sewing machine.  Add bows for embellishment, and your project is done.  It’s a wonderfully easy doll quilt pattern, perfect for snuggling Dolly close.

Wonderful technique for beginners.

Dolly’s Room Quilt

~ Quilters Grid ~

Use quilters grid to make this patchwork quilt.  The grid takes all the work out of matching corners and every one comes out perfect.  Stitch the seams, turn inside out ,and iron flat…no binding is needed.  Quilting pattern is done easily by machine with a straight stitch.  While a design is shown in this picture, use your imagination and create your own design.

Fun to to use!

Dolly’s Picnic Quilt

~ Raggedy Quilt ~

This is fun to make and makes a great outdoor quilt…more washings simply improve the look.  Cut your backing, batting, and top fabrics to size and sew the squares (all three layers at a time) together.  Heat’n’Bond is used to attach the appliqué pieces, and when that is done, sew the blocks together.   Once the top is finished, there is no extra quilting.  Simply clip all seams and launder for that ‘raggedy’ look. Dress dolly in denim attire to match using our doll clothing patterns in Dolly Goes Denim.

Great pattern for holiday quilts

Autumn Celebration

~ Log Cabin ~

With the Log Cabin quilt, you will build four Log Cabin blocks using the strip piecing method.  Learn how to chain your pieces together as you sew…a great time saving technique.  After the blocks are made, they can be put together in different directions, so have fun laying them out before sewing them together for that perfect look.  Quilting in straight lines finishes the body of the quilt and all that’s left is to sew the binding on the top and then hand tack it to the back.   When finished, you’ll have an eye catching success.

Absolutely lovely!

The Guest Room Quilt

~ Heirloom Sewing ~

The heirloom quilt introduces you to the art of heirloom sewing.   While challenging, you will learn many new techniques ways to use your sewing machine.  Learn how to insert lace, pinstitching, how to make pintucks, and do a little fancy machine stitching as well as learn how to use different machine feet.  The beauty of lace and ribbons will make this a quilt well worth the effort.  The matching pillowcase is an added bonus!


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