Dolly’s Wardrobe

Try These Fun and Easy Sewing Projects!

Bedtime Patterns

Get Dolly ready for a bedtime story and hot cocoa with this warm selection of easy night time sewing projects.  Throw her and her friends a slumber  party with all she needs to take along for loads of girl talk, popcorn, and a night of wholesome fun.

Projects include: Long and Shorty Pajamas, Nightshirt, Fancy Nightgown, Shawl Collar Bathrobe, Pillow and Pillowcase, Laundry Bag, and Slippers.

Time Out For Tea Patterns

With these adorable doll clothing patterns, all Dolly needs is tea and cookies to complete her English tea party. She will look sharp in her hostess attire, ready to entertain her friends and yours.

Projects include:Open Front Vest, Gathered Skirt, Pants, Long and Short puffy Sleeved blouse, and a purse.

Outdoor Wear Patterns

Do you like the “great out-of-doors”?  You and Dolly will love these unique patterns for camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking.  Plan your vacation to include a trip to the mountains and dress appropriately!  All items will fit nicely into your handmade backpack.

Projects include: Outdoorsmen's Vests, Pants, Shirts, Duffel Bag, Backpack

Sweet Dress-Up Patterns

Here are some clothes you can have fun with!  A trip to the zoo, church, or just plain dress-up calls for this charming line of patterns for 18 inch dolls.

Projects include: Sunflower Jumper and Puffy Sleeved Blouse; Heart Sundress and Jacket; and Culottes Skirt, Button Front Vest, Roll-up Sleeve Blouse and Floppy Hat.

Fun in the Sun Patterns

Dolly loves the sunshine.  She will fit right in with her new perky shorts and coordinating t-shirt with handy tote bag.  Carry lunch to the secret fort you’ve made for her or on a long-awaited wagon ride. She is ready for any outdoor adventure!

Projects include: T-Shirts, Shorts, and Tote Bag

Snow Season Patterns

So you woke up to snow?  Create new fleece wear for Dolly with these easy sewing projects.  Vest, hat, scarf, and mittens will keep her comfy warm as she sleds with you or helps to build this season’s first snow man.

Projects include: Fleece Zipper Front Jacket, Zipper Front Vest, Snow Hat and Snowflake Scarf.

Fancy Blouse Pattern

Make a matching blouse and skirt for you and Dolly.  Using these heirloom doll clothing patterns, you both will be dressed up for any special function whether it’s Auntie Ann’s graduation, big sister’s wedding or a trip to see the Queen!

Fancy Front Buttoned Blouse has Heirloom Stitching, Puffy Sleeves, and Peter Pan Collar; Gathered Skirt

Work Apron Patterns

In the “good ole days” everyone wore aprons.  Get ready to serve others in the kitchen or help fix things around the house with these apron patterns.

Projects include: Shop Apron with Pockets, and Kitchen Apron

Morning Jog Patterns

“Let’s go jogging!”  You and Dolly will join the growing number of healthy people who exercise to stay fit.  Dress for the track or gym with these easy to wear patterns for 18 inch dolls. Create sweats and sweat shirt.  Enjoy a cup of coffee when you return!

Projects include: Sweat Shirts and Sweat Pants.

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