How to Make Doll Clothes: A Beginners Guide

Here is a simple guide for how to make doll clothes.  Making clothing for dolls is a good place for beginners to start and a good way for clothing designers to test their ideas.  It is not really that different from making clothing for people. Only the size is smaller, which means the projects can usually be completed faster. So, you have a hobby that is fun, fast and easy.  Here’s how to start.

Clothing Measurements and Type:

Dolls vary in size from 12 inches to life-size.  The type or types of dolls you want to make doll clothes for will help you decide which kind of style is appropriate.  For example, you probably wouldn’t make a ball gown for a baby-doll, but you might make one for a Barbie or an 18 inch doll.

You can make your own patterns by tracing the dolls you will be using, but it is much easier and more accurate to purchase a pattern.  You probably wouldn’t try to make a top for yourself without a pattern.  It doesn’t make sense to try to make a garment for your dolls without using some kind of guide.

Blankets and Quilts:

Quilts are an exception.  Although they are not usually considered clothing, every baby-doll needs a blanket.  Luckily, a simple patchwork quilt can be made very easily using scraps of fabric you have around the house, or you can invest more time and create intricately pieced and beautifully sewn masterpieces.

To make an easy patchwork doll quilt, gather together your fabrics and cut them into equal size squares.  Before you begin sewing, arrange the squares on a table to be sure you have enough and to lay out your design.  Decide on a size that will wrap around the baby-doll, be easy for a child to carry and not too large to be bulky.  When you have enough squares to make the right size, you can start sewing them together.

The sewn together squares will be the quilt top.  You will also need backing and batting, if you want the quilt to look like the real thing.  Otherwise, to make easy doll quilts, you can simply sew the quilt top to a piece of an old sheet or a plain baby blanket, if you prefer.

Hats and Bonnets:

Hats and bonnets can be easy to make.  The only measurement you will need is the circumference of the dolls head.  You can use bits of lace for trim and ribbon for ties. A hot glue-gun makes it easy to attach other decorations on small size hats.

Another Thought:

Cotton is one of the easiest materials to work with.  Thicker materials are tedious and don’t usually hang right on the dolls, or wrap around dolls snuggly for cozy quilts.  You will find that learning how to make doll clothes is easiest when you have a good pattern and the right kind of fabric, and simple doll quilts will utilize the same kind of fabrics.

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