Dolly Goes Denim

Out On the Town or Down On the Farm


Denim for any occasion.

Using soft lightweight denim and small prints or plaids, discover the fun of sewing with denim and create a whole new wardrobe for Dolly.  Whether you are looking for cute and casual, or a more western style, denim sewing is for you. These denim patterns for doll clothes have that everyday appeal girls love.

This book contains 20 patterns with detailed instructions and professional illustrations to make complete outfits which are sure to be a hit.  Enjoy sewing outfits as unique and special as your own special girl.

Cute Bib Front Jumper


This denim front bib jumper is set off with a white puffed sleeve blouse and a stand up collar.  Bib fronts are easy to make and always popular on jumpers or overalls.  There are GREAT new doll size overall buckles in the fabric stores that would enhance this doll clothing pattern, or you may prefer small buttons or snaps to attach the straps to the bib.  You can embellish with any applique on the front, or add a patch pocket to make it more authentic.  The skirt has large side pockets cut into the design.

Dressy and Elegant


A simple dress made from denim sewing can be absolutely stunning!  We used a lightweight sparkle denim, a simple to make  basic dress pattern, added a bit more length to the skirt and set it off with a ribbon sashing at the raised waist.  Dolly is dressed and looking forward to that special dinner and dance engagement this evening.

Dressed for Morning Chores!

Flannel shirts and overalls are perfect to go help dad with chores on chilly spring mornings.   This flannel shirt has a pointed front collar, long sleeves with cuffs, Velcro up the front for easy closing, yet has buttons sewn on top for the natural look to the closure.  The overalls have a front pocket on the bib front, as well as side hand pockets.  You can even roll the pant legs up if you should decide to go fishing in the afternoon!  This outfit looks smart for work or play!

Casual Jumper

This high-waisted, scoop necked, front buttoned denim jumper ‘s style is set off by groupings of 2 buttons down the front and on the patch pockets.  We used Velcro as the front opening closure and simply sewed tiny buttons on the outside.  The contrasting white blouse sets it all off nicely.  This jumper pattern could easily made into a sundress as well.

Goin' to the fair!


Cute, dress-up western vest!  Features 3 rows of pintucks down the front body, which are sewn into a high yoke.  Tiny buttons (or you could use snaps) finish the front.  We put it together with puff  sleeves that gather to a band at the elbow and has a Peter-Pan type of collar.  The pants have an elastic waistband.  This is an outfit Dolly can feel good about herself in…knowing she looks terrific and comfortable at the same time!

Quick and Easy!


Looking for a quick and easy project?  This A-line, scoop necked jumper is just that.  It closes with Velcro on one shoulder seam, to make it large enough to go over Dolly’s head.  Buttons can be attached for an added design look.  Can you tell we like puffy sleeved blouses?   We think they accent main garments nicely, as shown here.

Darling 4 Piece Outfit!


4 coordinating pieces equals one outstanding outfit!  This culotte skirt is comfy and cute.  It has pleats on a waistband in front and gathers with elastic in the back.  A new blouse pattern is introduced here.  This one buttons in front, has a pointed round collar and roll-up straight sleeves.  The vest and hat combine to carry out the sunflower theme (you can use any theme you’d like).  The lower pointed front vest Velcro’s down the front with buttons on top.  It is accented with a sunflower applique.   The large brimmed ‘floppy’ hat turns up in front and is held in place with a large button.  As you continue sewing with denim, you will want to use this hat pattern again and again to coordinate  with other outfits.

Classy and Comfy


Drawing on ideas from the pioneer skirt of yesterday, the ruffle and ribbon on this denim skirt accentuates the simple and casual new design.  The skirt is gathered to a waistband in the front with an elastic waistline in the back. You will want to select two coordinating fabrics for this simple-to-make, reversible vest.  A great addition to Dolly’s wardrobe, the shirt has a stand up western collar, with long sleeves gathered to a  cuff.  You may use either snaps or buttons down the front.

Bouncy and fun to wear!

The reversible open front vest along with this 3-tiered skirt completes a darling outfit.  Using an embroidered print denim,  the skirt has an elastic waistband and two rows of gathers  making it easy to construct and fun to wear.  Any girl would love this cute bouncy skirt for her special doll.  The puffy sleeve blouse pattern is versatile for use with many different outfits.

"Raggedy" Picnic Quilt


This country quilt is fun to make and coordinates will with Dolly’s denim attire.  Cut your backing, batting, and top fabrics to size and sew the squares (all three layers at a time) together.  Heat’n’Bond is used to attach the appliqué pieces, and when that is done, sew the blocks together. Once the top is finished, there is no extra quilting. Simply clip all seams and launder for that ‘raggedy’ look. This is a wonderful quilt for Dolly and her friends to have themselves a picnic.  When lunch is over, if they get cold, they can also snuggle inside!

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